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Talktosonic: In the modern technical world, everybody is fast in their activities like to complete the work, to learn more through the internet, approaching others, driving vehicles and eating food too. Shortly we say in everything fast even including taking food. So in the current situation, fast food stores and restaurant are very essential. Since the fast food restaurants and stores place an important role among the people, there is a chain of restaurants growing up. But only some restaurants give the best food to the people and getting a reputation in the field. One among is the Sonic Drive-in Stores, one of the biggest national fast food outlets in U.S. Sonic Drive was established in 1953. It has more than 4,000 restaurant chains in 43 states in the USA alone. Because it gives a variety of foods according to the taste needed by the customer then and there in their restaurant. Moreover, it feels very difficult to deliver fast food according to their taste in every day and to maintain their quality. The Sonic Drive- in-store decided to make a survey to satisfy their customers.


To improve their business most of the companies conduct survey’s to know the customers’ expectations related to their business.  The survey provides accurately to the company what they want from their customers. It enables to improve their products, quality and price range soon. The Talk to Sonic survey helps their drive-in restaurant to assess their performance and to keep the customer’s trust and happiness.

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Survey Details

Prize Free Soda or Iced Tea
Location US/(or maybe other country depending upon your location)
Age Must Be 18+
Can Enter Unlimited Times
How To Enter Online at TalkToSonic.Com
Receipt Valid For 14 Days
Coupon Code Valid For 60 Days

Survey Prizes

  • Free Fountain Drink or Iced Tea

Take the survey about your Sonic experience within 14 days of your visit, and you will receive a code for your choice of a free fountain drink or iced tea on your next visit.

Requirements to access the TalkToSonic survey portal

  • Purchase receipt of the Sonic Drive-In restaurant/store which is not more than 14 days old.
  • You should have Computer/Laptop/Smartphone
  • You must have a stable internet connection either Mobile Internet access or Wifi connection.
  • The Age must be greater than 18 to take the survey.

Survey Rules & Eligibility

  • You must make a purchase at any Sonic store
  • You must be a US resident in a US Sonic
  • Age must be greater than 18 years
  • Only 1 survey and prize per receipt
  • You must save your receipt
  • You must enter the survey within 14 days after your purchase
  • You must redeem your free soda coupon code within 60 days of taking the survey

Objectives Behind The TalkToSonic Survey

  • To know the customer’s perspective with respect to food, staff service, cleanliness, and other factors.
  • To meet the customer’s expectations and needs. To ensure satisfaction.
  • To improve the products and service offerings.
  • And if there is anything reported regarding the food, the manager and the staff will be informed and will be told not to repeat such an experience.
  • Then to know, from a customer’s point of view, how is that particular branch performing in terms of food and service.
  • Once the company receives all this feedback, it will send out orders to managers informing them what to do in order to satisfy customers.

Questions Asked In The Survey of TalkToSonic

This survey has the following questions in it :

  • A complete gratification inclusive your experience at the eatery.
  • Are the eatables worth the price?
  • The speed of the delivery of the order, (whether on time or not)
  • The exactness of the order.
  • The values of food.
  • Cleanliness/ and freshness of the beverages and eatables.
  • Communication with the staff members.
  • The behavior of the staff members.

Steps to reach Talktosonic Survey Portal

  • Go to a Sonic and make a purchase
  • Save your receipt
  • Before starting the process you have to select any one of the device i.e., PC or a Smartphone going to work for this survey. Don’t forget that they should connect the mobile data or the wifi connection.
  • In the web browser type or copy and paste the link below or just click this official website
  • You are directed to the guest satisfaction survey page.
  • Here you have to enter the ID number which is available in the receipt of your Sonic Drive-In store/restaurant.
  • Next process is only to answer all the questions found in the survey format as you wish to say about the Sonic Drive-In stores. It is very helpful to the firm to improve their services to their customers like you.
  • After answering all the questions, click the submit button.
  • A code will be given to you remember to note down it which will offer you the Free Route 44 Drink in your next visit to the store.

Contact Details

For any queries feel free to contact us, the customer care service is working hard to help you get the possible details.

Sonic Official Website:

This will take you to the customer service page. Here you will be asked to enter the following details:

  • First and last name
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Store number:
    • To know your store number click on the store locator button. Here you will be asked to enter the state or zip code and city. By entering the above details, Drive-in search results will be displayed.
    • You can also click on show more locations to view more store number.
    • Type your comments in the text box provided with minimum 2500 words
    • Optionally you can upload a file & click submit





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